M26 FIT is an Active Lifestyle Clothing Brand changing the way you think about Total Fitness. 

Armed with a passion for combating mental health, we’re empowering the community by building a culture of Strong Mind & Strong Body.

By spending equal time strengthening your body and your mind you can experience total fitness. Being M26 FIT not only gives you energy, it also promotes good emotional judgement making you better equipped to deal with whatever life throws at you.
Our Mission – Build a culture of Strong Mind & Strong Body by changing the way you think about Total Fitness..


About Magnus:

I’ve been called a rogue, a disrupter, boundary breaker, unconventional, and even accused of re-defining the contours of reality.

The fact is I’m just a regular bloke who likes a challenge. I’ve found I can achieve absolutely anything with the right mindset, being consistent, committed and working hard.

This attitude led me from dropping out of school after year 10 to swing a hammer building houses, to running and growing businesses, marketing, selling real estate, property development & even flying helicopters. I’ve always been physically active enjoying playing a variety of sports as a kid. Now I’m into swimming, cycling, kayaking, lifting weights and my favourite, ice hockey.

The community that is created around any sport is hard to describe in words, let alone the bonds and friendships formed between team mates. Sport and these relationships along with family got me through a mental health crises I suffered a few years ago.

That lead me on a journey of self discovery, of changing the way I looked at life, of building the mental strength necessary to develop my resilience.

M26 FIT was born from that experience and my passion is to raise awareness of the importance to strengthen both your mind and body daily to not only help combat mental health but also give you the energy and vitality to live your best life.